Mind-Energy-Body Transformation
An Integrative Approach to a Richer Life

What if all this struggle, stress, and overwhelm …

… was actually your portal to a more empowered, vital, ease-ful life?

Transformation can call to us in surprising ways:
Stuck-ness can spark adventure. Dissatisfaction can open the door to untold fulfillment. Overwhelm and despair can blossom into healing self-love.

Does your doorway to this better life feel locked?
You’re not alone! So many of us are held back by:

  • Self-doubt, shame, and overwhelm
  • Subtle (or not-so-subtle!) self-sabotage
  • Feelings of victimization from relationships, career, or health issues

The good news? It’s all energy.
You can shift from low vibration to high vibration. From overwhelm to empowerment. From resistance to ease.

Mind Energy Body Transformation is an integrative system that supports healing all of your parts in a focused, holistic way.

ME-B recognizes you as a whole, dynamic being, and I invite you to join me for a transformative session that supports your mind, energy, and body:

Mind: We’ll identify and release your limiting beliefs, negative past programming, and ego distortions. You’ll ignite your healing with the power of intention and presence.

Energy: We’ll support your emotional transformation with a wide array of energetic tools. You’ll learn to reconnect to your core being and allow your feelings to inform and empower you.

Body: We’ll discover how your limiting beliefs show up in your body — and get you the relief and release you need. You’ll learn to experience your core being as a physical sensation.

Emotion = Energy in Motion

When used wisely, emotions don’t distance us from our power and truth — they are our trusty portal to our greatest power.

Unfortunately, we’re not taught how to make the most of our emotions. We use self-defeating strategies to deny, suppress, detach from, or silence. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, we try to “feel it to heal it,” but get so swept up in our emotions, we feel even worse than before.

I’ll show you how to befriend and transform your emotions. You’ll reframe how you relate to them, harnessing their power as a trusty bridge to your inner strength, wisdom, and wholeness.

A tender container for emotional alchemy.

My Mind-Energy-Body Transformation sessions combine coaching, psychotherapeutic support, and energy work to help you …

  • Integrate all levels of your being to feel centered + whole
  • Live with more freedom, vibrancy, and flow
  • Make friends with discomfort and use it to unlock your potential.
  • Connect with your creative desires, vision, and life purpose
  • Get more in touch with your inner leader
  • Harness negativity, pain, and challenge to reawaken your gifts, freedom, and inner strength
  • Learn to anchor deeply into Who You Really Are.

Ready to begin?   Sessions last for 60 minutes. We’ll meet over the phone or in person in my Boulder office.

Mind Energy Body Transformation Sessions:
:: 1 Session: $65
:: 3 Session Package: $195
:: 5 Session Package: $310

All Packages Include: unlimited email support in between sessions,session notes sent straight to your inbox, and a few other special surprises!

Schedule Now: email sarah@empoweredsensitive.com to schedule

Consult: email sarah@empoweredsensitive.com to schedule a free 20 min consultation so I can learn more about you and you can get a feel for how I work.

Scholarship Option: If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties and are motivated to grow, please contact me to discuss eligibility for my scholarship program.

You’re at the threshold to inner power. I’d love to help you unlock the door!

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