Empowered Sensitive Sessions
Reclaiming your Greatest Gift

Have you always felt … a little different?

Perhaps you can’t quite put your finger on it … you just don’t experience the world the way others do. You feel more. You sense more, worry longer, think deeper, connect wider, soar higher, and crash harder.

Other people seem to have sturdy walls between themselves and the outside world. Doors they can open and close at will. But you? There’s a gossamer-thin boundary separating you and the rest of the universe — and what floats (or crashes!) through doesn’t always feel in your control.

You might be part of the 15-20% of the population that’s highly sensitive.

You’re not alone!

Does any of this sound familiar? You …

  • Get overwhelmed by sensory input, emotions, and others
  • Feel flawed, like you don’t belong — “What’s wrong with me?”
  • Focus on others so much, it’s hard to tune into your own needs and desires
  • Have huge emotions, and either collapse into them or try to control them
  • Crave approval + acceptance from others to feel “good enough”
  • Feel more distressed and disoriented by changes than others
  • Are acutely self-conscious, ashamed of who you really are, and fear rejection
  • Endlessly criticize and compare yourself to others
  • Try to be more “thick-skinned,” to no avail.

Being highly sensitive can be a beautiful thing! But when you don’t know what it is or how to manage it, life can be overwhelming.

It’s a gift that can feel like a curse.

Highly Sensitive People are physiologically different. We’re wired to feel and think about things more deeply. Our highly sensitive nervous system tunes us into the subtlest details: in ourselves, other people, and the environment. We acutely feel details like sensory input, energetic fluctuations, and the feelings of other people.

When you see and feel more, life can feel overwhelming! You might feel physically, mentally, or emotionally weakened. When you feel so much outside of you, it can be a struggle to feel centered and empowered inside of you. Especially in a culture that prizes in-sensitivity, you might feel ashamed of your uniqueness.

~ Actualize the Power of Your Sensitivity ~

Imagine if you didn’t have to fight your sensitivity, but began to value and integrate it. Imagine feeling safe to emerge fully into the world: radiant, authentic, empowered. When stop fighting your sensitivity and begin claiming its gifts, you discover:

:: It’s not a weakness to hide — it’s a value to share.
:: It’s not an obstacle to overcome – it’s a bridge to your highest self.
:: It’s not a handicap — it’s a resource for unbridled creativity.
:: It’s not a limiting wound – it’s your anchor of strength.

With some wisdom, support, and love, your sensitivity will blossom into your greatest strength.

As a fellow highly sensitive woman, I know what it’s like. I can help you befriend your highly sensitive nervous system and be empowered by it.

In my Empowered Sensitive sessions, I use a Mind Energy Body Transformation coaching approach specifically tailored to support your healing and cultivate your strengths as a highly sensitive person.

With my help, you can …

  • Feel empowered in your own sensitive skin
  • Get clear on your own needs, desires, and passion — and best practices for fulfilling them
  • Understand what being highly sensitive means, so you can feel confident + comfortable being you
  • Develop the healthy boundaries and self soothing tools you need to ease overstimulation
  • Feel safe in your strong emotions, instead of overwhelmed or disconnected
  • Transform your pain into power
  • Harness your natural gifts: introspection, big picture awareness, and spiritual connection
  • Awaken to your own value and connect to your inner strength and leadership
Isn’t it time you reclaimed your sensitive self?

Ready to begin?   Sessions last for 60 minutes. We’ll meet over the phone or in person in my Boulder office.

Empowered Sensitive Sessions:
:: 1 Session: $65
:: 3 Session Package: $195
:: 5 Session Package: $310

All Packages Include: unlimited email support in between sessions,session notes sent straight to your inbox, and a few other special surprises!

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