Your sensitivity is your greatest gift and strength.

I’m honored to help you live more of it.

Sarah Geier, Agent of Sensitive Support

Emotional turbulence navigator. Limitation blaster. Avid giggler. Compassionate introspector. Sensitive strength activator. Consciousness raiser. Shift-maker. Wild dream encourager. Sacred purpose awakener. Dedicated friend.

I’m Thrilled You’re Here!

If you’re yearning to live from a place of inner power, share your gifts, and experience your sensitivity as a source of empowerment instead of weakness — I can help. I guide people into a new relationship with their emotions and sensitivity through a potent blend of energy work and psychotherapeutic support called Mind Energy Body Transformation. My work helps you …

  • Stay present to your deepest power and truth — even with the most turbulent emotions.
  • Transform stifling beliefs and limiting patterns — and become your own authority on your self-worth.
  • Live a more wholehearted, liberated, and joyful life, accepting and loving yourself as you are.
  • Release fear of rejection and approval-seeking — and become confident and anchored in your sensitive strengths.
  • Discover the liberating truth: emotions are simply energy moving through you.

When we drop into the genuine sensation of our emotions and allow ourselves to feel the energy coursing through us, we can transform our stories and discover our deepest, most authentic power source.

A New Kind of Healer

Something always bothered me about the idea that healers “fix” our “broken” parts. When I learned the Mind-Energy-Body Transformation process, I reclaimed my own intuitive sense of what a healer truly is: a supportive space creator. An internal message amplifier. A tool teacher. A generous, courageous partner.

Ultimately, we’re here to learn and evolve. As a “healer,” I encourage you along your own path. It’s my greatest joy to help others transform their emotional experiences, discover the gifts of their sensitivity, and anchor into their life’s purpose.

My Healing Journey

I’m a certified Reiki Practitioner, a Mind Body Energy Transformation Guide, and hold a degree in Psychology and Religious Studies. But my real credentials for this work are my own healing journey. I know all too well how emotions can imprison and overwhelm us. I’ve always been a highly sensitive person — and this was never fully understood growing up. I was labeled “shy,” I suffered paralyzing anxiety, and in early adulthood I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. No diagnosis fully captured the truth of what was going on within me — nor my potential.

Everything changed on a boat. I spent a wild 100 days at sea. I gawked at Hong Kong skyscrapers, raced through the streets of India by rickshaw, and walked barefoot in the Venezuelan rainforest. As I explored a realm of new possibilities, I realized what a beautiful adventure life can be when we’re open to it. I had an ecstatic vision of a life beyond my comfort zone, free from the beliefs that shackled me. Inspired and driven, I began my grandest journey yet: inward.

My optimism alone wouldn’t get me through. With the help of holistic healing, journaling, meditation, and an unshakable determination, I persevered. Each day, I asked: how can I live more fully into my potential?

I emerged from this dark night with new insight, tools, and faith. I learned how to harness my emotions as a conduit linking me to my inner power. I discovered the potential within me, longing to be born. I awakened to my purpose: serving as a guide for others through this inner world.

Today, I embrace my sensitive gifts and don’t settle for medications or the limiting belief that I have a disorder. I have a conscious, rewarding partnership with my soulmate — a direct result of the deep work I’ve done. I know first hand that transformation is possible, the power of intention is enormous, and healing is limitless. I’m truly grateful to use this work as an expression of my deepest gifts.

I believe: :

::Nothing’s random.

::Healing is limitless.

::Much of our pain comes from over-identification with our stories.

::Healing work doesn’t need to be draining.

::A continual integration of the light and dark within ourselves fuels our creative evolution.

::No amount of external praise can replace self-love and our inner empowerment.

::Our core wounds and painful struggles can connect us to our greatest gifts.

::Every moment’s an opportunity to live more fully, vibrantly, and creatively.

If you’d like to experience the full power of your sensitivity, I can help you awaken it.

~If you know you have a purpose, I’d be honored to help you live it.

Wherever you are in your journey, I’ll meet you with love, support, and tools. ~

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