Who’s Life & Dream Are YOU Living?

If you’re anything like me, you long to live a deeply rich and fulfilling life.  One in which your truth and uniqueness are authentically expressed and visibly glowing from the inside out of your very being.

You long for your life to be lived passionately, purposefully, as an expression of Who You Are at the innermost level, with your innate gifts honored and expressed.  This is true fulfillment!

Yet if this life feels out of reach to you, it’s because it wasn’t meant to exist exclusively as a longing.  A fulfilling life demands creation, and the first step is choosing a new reality for yourself.  Pssst…greater aliveness always follows renewed choice!

You see, sensitive people are gifted, artistic, passionate and spiritually-alive beings!  Yet many feel their fulfilled life is out of reach, due to a limiting belief that they just don’t deserve to live it. I’m not good enough prevails and as a result their dreams continue to exist as a longing, out in ethereal dreamland.

The real problem is that as talented sensitive beings, we often sacrifice our own dreams to fulfill someone else’s dream.  Our fulfilled life isn’t available because we’re unconsciously living someone else’s life.  Whether this is a lifestyle that doesn’t synch with your soul’s needs, a job that isn’t making use of your talents and passions, or a relationship in which your Core Being isn’t honored.

I’ve been there, and perhaps you’re unsatisfied and blocked up there, too.  Since highly sensitive people come into this world with thinner boundaries and a heightened awareness of the needs of the other, it’s second-nature for us to attune to the other and disregard our innermost needs and desires.

Our “other-focused” orientation crafts us into incredibly empathetic, compassionate, and supportive people. Yet when we’re programmed to meet the needs of the other at the cost of identifying, living and valuing our own truth, we end up feeling exhausted, deflated and short on passion.  That is…until we decide we matter!

Ways We Can Remember Our Dreams, Desires and Needs And Start Living Them NOW:

#1  Reclaim Your Power of Choice

Once aware that your dreams have become entangled in the act of living someone else’s life and dreams, let your awareness guide you back to empowered choice.  Choice is power and when we commit to continuously re-aligning with what we truly need and desire, we embody the power needed to create our dream.

# 2 Anchor into Your Value

When you doubt the value of who you are and the contribution you’re meant to bring to this world, the easier it is to fall into the trap of living someone else’s life.  Break this pattern by witnessing your mental and emotional climate of unworthiness and re-anchor into the vibration of valuing your innate uniqueness, beauty and brilliance.  Feel the energetic difference!

# 3 Move Out of Your Programmed Personality and into your Core Being

Most of us operate from the Programmed Personality level because we’ve forgotten the truth of who we are.  Yet there’s an energetic resource living deep inside of us containing the full truth of Who We Are along with our full power. I like to call this part of you your Core Being – Spirit, Higher Self, Goddess, you choose the name.  Connect with this part of you as your resource and listen to it’s echoes of wisdom, longings, and truth.

Most importantly – declare your right to exist!  Although you may have grown accustomed to living disconnected from your value, spirit, and power of choice, the path back to a more purposeful and fulfilling live as the sensitive being you are always awaits you.  Dare to join me?

** I’d love to hear from you! What have been your challenges, victories, and current process with living YOUR dream and cultivating YOUR fulfilling life? Do share by commenting below!  **